I was reading the yearly report issued by Nielsen (a global firm that provides market analysis) on the status of the US record industry, and I thought it would be good to share some interesting facts.

We know that physical sales have been going down in the last few years (-8.3% in 2015), and digital sales are up (26%).

We know that downloads are down (-12.5%) and streaming is sky-rocketing (+92.8%).

But did we know that total music consumption is actually GROWING? OK, I’ve heard about it but here we clearly see it in hard figures: +15.2%.


And what about the top sellers in vinyl format, where The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd is #2 and in the top 10 we also find Abbey Road on #4 and nothing less than Miles Davis’ masterpiece Kind of Blue on #5.


From a musician’s perspective, an important piece of info: fans spend 152 US$ on music each year, of which 52% on live shows and about 40% on recorded music (CDs, downloads, streaming, other subscription services). No matter what, people are ready to spend for the unique experience of a live show, and that will realistically never change.


A typical american listens to 24 hours of music in a week, which is 14.2% of the total time (including when we sleep) – that is not little!


And the main ways we discover music are still radio and friends’ recommendations.



Music is livelier than ever. It’s not easy to make a living out of it because the old revenue model has been turned upside down, and also because – let’s not forget – it has ALWAYS been hard to make a living as musicians/artists. But there are new revenue opportunities for those with a broad and strategic view, and with the right structure in place. And people are thirsty for music. New music. Old music that stands the trial of time. Music that comes from deep within.

So go out and write, play, perform, engage a growing audience because NOW IS THE TIME!

PS You can download the report for free here.