Here we are after the summer break with the encouraging and generous words of a master musician, Giovanni Palombo from Italy who, after reading all posts published on Life in Music was so kind to send me the mail copied below. I decided to publish it to show how the messages that we are conveying on this website do trigger the interest and imagination of those who live of music. This encourages us to continue on our path to help musicians to positively transform the hurdles that they face on their path to a “Life in Music”.

Giovanni is a guitarist and composer that has been active on the Italian and international music scenes for decades. He offers a unique combination of the mediterranean sense of melody with the aesthetics of acoustic jazz. You can get an idea of the beauty of his music here, and you can get to know him better here.

Here is the letter, for which I’ll never thank my friend Giovanni enough (the closing remark about “Possibilities” refers to Herbie Hancock’s autobiography that came out last November – a book that I warmly suggest to everyone, from the bottom of my heart).

Dear Fabio,

I finally managed to carefully read everything you published on Life in Music.

Your words are a stimulus and convey a sense of trust, and it’s a good present for those like me who need to work hard in music, continually striving to realise intuitions and dreams (big and small), that are the things that give deep meaning to one’s existence, trying at the same time to preserve that “concrete” side that allows you to “survive” in a more material sense (i.e. the gain).

I feel that I share what you say and do, and I would like to thank you for the opportunity to think and maybe re-modulate some of my thoughts and artistic feelings.

I would only like to add that I finished reading “Possibilities”, from which I received the pleasure of the communication from a great artist, and again an opportunity for self-reflection and a good amount of optimism.

That’s it for now, let’s keep in touch. Hugs.