Jessica Wolff's 2:nd album Grounded. Find out more

Life in Music is happy to introduce you to singer/songwriter/kung-fu master/stunt woman and personal trainer Jessica Wolff from Finland. Another exciting meeting that happened at MIDEM 2015.

Jessica’s story is yet another example of how infinite the possibilities are for those who are courageous and visionary to see and take them.

Coming from what she describes as a “non musical family”, she picked up piano at seven, inspired by neighbour girls and by age twelve she started singing, first classical and then pop-rock. In her teens Jessica also studied theatre for two years, putting aside music and fighting to find her true calling. Making a decision between acting and music was not easy, and things peaked while in LA: ready to start a new cycle of studies as an actress, she was offered assistance by a management consultant that offered to help her steer her music career in the right direction.

Jessica chose music and gave herself six years to see concrete results. She embarked on this trip full-on, started working with a vocal coach, writing songs, making a webpage and promo pictures. Once she came up with a package of five strong songs and one video, she approached labels but their initial reaction was lukewarm. With the help of scholarship, some sponsors and her family she went on to produce her first album on her own. When she finished, she also found a new manager that flew her to LA to fine-tune some of the recording.

Jessica went to Midem 2012 where she met a Japanese label King Records, who got interested in releasing her record. Soon afterwards (2013) she met an Indian label, Times Music, that wanted to release it in India.

2013 was a big year for Jessica:

– first album released in Japan:
– promotion and tour in Japan;
– big concert with Nightwish;
– prison tour in Finland;
– tour in India;
– profound inspiration for her new album.

New songs have been in the works since 2014. Jessica is a strong believer in teamwork, and went through changes in her management team more than once in her career in order to find the best fit for her musical ambitions. Not so long ago a friend in LA introduced her to her present manager, Semira Ben-Amor.

After finishing the vocal recordings, Jessica took some time off in the Dominican Republic and made this incredible video at the bottom of the ocean, overcoming innumerable difficulties.

I warmly suggest you also watch the making of Saving Someone Else, to see first-hand her determination, creativity and drive.

Her new album is soon to be released in Japan and India.

What strikes the most of Jessica Wolff is her energy and total commitment. Not only is she a fantastic musician and performer, but also an accomplished actress, athlete and kung-fu artist. As a side-career she does stunts in movies and works as a personal trainer in Finland.

Jessica Wolff's 2:nd album Grounded. Find out more

Jessica is very excited working towards her next goals which are touring Japan and India and releasing her new album in Germany and Finland too. Working hard on her message, embracing life to the fullest, she is also working on a video blog in which she will share her views and her secrets about music, kite surfing, martial arts, stunts and much more.

We look forward to witnessing Jessica’s journey of expansion, sharing and discovery.

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Twitter: @MissJWolff