“Everything depends on the relationship you build with your fans”




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Let me introduce you to 25 year-old American jazz violinist Nora Francesca Germain, who has been playing the violin for over 20 years and performing professionally for a decade.

Nora studied at Idyllwild Arts Academy, The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, and University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music. She currently lives in Los Angeles and performs regularly as a leader both in the United States and Europe. She has also performed with many of the world’s greatest musical talents including John Altman, Alison Burns, Jacob Collier, Jon Batiste and Stay Human, Evan Christopher, Marshall Hawkins, Casey Abrams, Sam Smith, Tommy Emmanuel CGP, John Etheridge, Martin Taylor MBE and Zane Carney. In addition to playing on frequent recording sessions for film and television and for musical artists in just about any genre, she has also released five of her own albums as well as an inspirational book, and is quickly becoming one of today’s most loved talents in jazz. She has volunteered performances for numerous charities in the United States and abroad, has performed for the Eckhart Tolle
Foundation at the request of Eckhart himself, and from 2014-2016 performed on a weekly basis at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.

…and this is a summary of the many wise words she shared with Life in Music.


While many see music as a product, Nora gets much deeper: she sees it as the deepest and truest form of communication.

“You’ve got to touch everybody with what you’re doing”.

She establishes a spiritual one-to-one connection with her audience at her shows: her presence is so strong that Eckhart Tolle personally called her to ask her to perform at some of his spiritual events.

A strong indicator of the success of a modern musician is without a doubt a quality relationship established with the fans. Nora approaches the lovers of her music with a powerful mindset and message:

“I love you, thank you for coming, I hope that I can make you happy”.

This is how she explains this relationship in greater detail:

“Fans need to feel free to love what you’re doing, and if you screw it up they still love you, and you feel very free to be yourself and to give your best thanks to this presence”.

“You feel very free to be yourself and to give your best”.

… isn’t that the most inspiring thing you’ve heard in a while? It surely is for us!

Another cardinal element of Nora’s ethics in music is the importance she places on integrity. You need to be so honest with yourself and so good “that you would buy a ticket to your own show”, as she beautifully puts it.

Nora Germain - Life in Music - Fabio Martinelli - Music ConsultingCROWDFUNDING

Nora also had a very successful experience with crowd-founding. She is very happy with the platform Pledge Music due to their focus on music and their deep respect for musicians. They are very proactive in stepping in with a helping hand to facilitate the success of the campaigns hosted on their platform. Still, in order to win at crowdfunding you must realise that people will happily give money only to things that inspire them and that, in some form or shape, will change the world. Nora’s suggestion is simple:

“be fired up and ready to go!”

This means setting up a project with personality and great content, and it also means keeping backers engaged all the time by sharing the things that are happening around the project. And it means to never be afraid to ask your idols to buy your record/book/video/painting and share it with their own communities so the word can spread from trusted sources to a much wider audience.


Talking about community, Nora has a very successful experience using Facebook to connect with like-minded people through pages and posts of artists that have a great connection with what she is doing. She would therefore jump into a discussion about say Stephane Grappelli (one of her main influences) or Martin Taylor (master guitarist who did play in Grappelli’s band and regularly performs with Nora) and interact with his fans, gracefully mentioning the fact that her own music is inspired by the works of this violin giant. In this way people are likely going to be interested in checking her material out.


The most recent and fascinating success story Nora shared with us relates to a book she wrote because:

“I wanted to find a way to help my peers who have problems believing in themselves. Many people are on the verge of depression and I decided to help them take responsibility!”

The book is entitled “Go for it!”, it received great feedback, it’s very empowering as well as entertaining and you can order it here in the format that most suits you: “Go for it!” on Amazon.


Nora has a couple of albums in the works: one is pop, the other is jazz. Check out her new campaign on Pledge Music, closing May 15 2017.


Before parting we asked Nora what a Life in Music means to her and her answer was full of her trademark energy:

“Performing a 2.5 hour concert in an evening gown in front of a thousand people, 365 days a year until I die”.

We surely wish her luck and hope many of the friends in our community will enjoy this fresh high-energy talent and enjoy how she creates value through music and life!

Click here to reach Nora’s website.