Yesterday was a big day for Life in Music: we unveiled our brand new website and I’d like to make sure you don’t miss out on some important things.

Life in Music

  • You can now see our new logo and new overall visual identity: lean, fast, adaptive, relevant, pleasant.
  • We announced six services to concretely support independent musicians and you can find out more here.
  • We published what is possibly the most important page on our history so far: our Manifesto, where we outline our core believes and values. This is who we are and how we see things.
  • You can now join our brand new mailing list, and this has never been more important:
    • Stay updated on key developments in the industry and in Life in Music;
    • Receive surprises;
    • Access exclusive content;
    • Get involved with new initiatives;
    • Beta-test services;
    • Access our tools earlier than other users and at preferential conditions;
    • A lot more amazing stuff that we haven’t even thought of yet!
  • We made the website easier to navigate, faster to load, hopefully nicer to experience. It is designed to work equally well on mobile as well as on desktops.
  • The blog will continue to exist and pulsate, so check back regularly to keep reading about music, the industry, musicians, events and much more.
  • The website will continue to exist in two languages, translated by human beings and not machines: English and Italian.

On a personal note, until yesterday Life in Music was in a way “my” blog. From today Life in Music gets much bigger and becomes an entity on its own, it is about musicians and their music, not me. That is why I happily removed the “About Fabio” session of the site. If you really want to know more about me (really??), there’s still a link at the bottom right hand corner that can let you find out more.

You are sincerely welcome to join us as we build the future together.