When I attended Midem last June I met some incredible people who are living their life to the fullest, determined to make an impact on the world with their lives and their art: they are literally living a “Life in Music”.

Nat Ya 1

NAT YA (Photo Credit Mayu Taniguchi)

The first of these “Lives in music” we’re going to talk about is London-based Nat Ya, singer / songwriter / producer from Canada with an exciting mix of origins (Russia, France, Ireland). She decided to follow her mission after realising how well she felt being in a recording studio in 2011, when she overcame a “quarter-life crisis” abandoning her career path in arts-management and publishing, on-boarding her family on her new path and deciding to dive into a new life of passion and purpose (“This is the feeling I was looking for”, she said thinking about that defining moment).

She started writing music that “bridges elements of electronic music and jazz for a groove-driven, poetic musical outlook. Her productions combine a slightly abstract atmosphere with caressing vocals and a rhythmic landscape best described as new wave trip-hop.” (from her personal website). I warmly suggest you check her music out on her Soundcloud page.

Nat Ya released her new song Daydream on September 3rd 2015.

Nat Ya Daydream

DAYDREAM (Photo Credit Marija Sribna)

I had more than one conversation with Nat Ya, and what struck me from the beginning was her determination and the fact that she was not afraid of putting the necessary hard work into making her dreams come true. She attended Midem to promote her music and create bridges, and she regularly attends a number of international music industry events to constantly reach out to people.

Earlier on she studied sound engineering and music production (at the London School of Sound and at Pyramid in San Francisco) in order to master these crucial skills herself. She likes collaborations, but she definitely is expanding her knowledge base to cover all aspects of music management and creation, both artistic and managerial.

We started a dialogue also because her openness and curiosity attracted her to the philosophy behind Life in Music, i.e. that nowadays people with talent and passion, if they put in the hard work, can reach audiences that were unimaginable even just a few years back.

In short, this is what Nat-Ya has accomplished in the four years that passed from her “epiphany”:

  1. Wrote and produced songs taking care of everything completely by herself;
  2. Completed audio engineering and music production programs, on top of songwriting and voice training;
  3. Created a compelling and professional website, matched by Facebook and Twitter pages;
  4. Regularly attended top-level music industry events;
  5. Connected with dozens music industry professionals;
  6. Drew a clear plan for her next 12 months and 5 years, which will start with the release of new music and with her first solo tour.

Let me close quoting Nat Ya as she explains what it means to her to live a Life in Music:

“For me a life in music is about experiencing the freedom to express something truly authentic, in the hope that its purity rings true with others and in turn inspires them to delight in their own creative impulses and insights.”