Anna Pancaldi is an incredible example of how to successfully focus on both the artistic and the business side of being a musician.

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I met Anna and her hat at the Fast Forward conference in Amsterdam, and I was immediately struck by her great soulful music and strong work ethic.

Anna is all over the news these days: after a very successful European tour with Jake Isaac, her second EP “Dear Joey” was released on April 12 and her name made it to #3 on the iTunes charts, overnight! And on April 14 she played a show at St Pancreas Church that was sold out more than a month in advance.

“Really polished…She doesn’t need our help, we need her.” Dermot O’Leary – Radio 2

But let’s get to know Anna a bit better, so we can understand what is driving her present success. She has always been singing, since she can remember, and never questioned the fact that music would play a major part in her life.Anna Pancaldi

In 2011 she embarked on an 9 month trip that included Nepal, New Zealand and Southeastern Asia, and when she came back she moved from Colchester to London in order to focus on her music career. She took part in open mic nights, naturally expended her network and learned how to self-manage.

While Anna did study music at school (the guitar is the instrument she is most in tune with), most of her skills were developed through practice. She gets inspired by life and by immersing herself in great music, and she practices a lot of writing.

Anna is self-educated on the business side, and while she self manages she knows when to ask for help to specialists. So she selectively works with music lawyers and PR companies, like the one that helped on her new incredibly successful release.

Another crucial element to her success is her decision to always work with top level producers who can guarantee that the magic of her music is delivered with top quality.

She also became an online music expert, handling social media and services such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, Youtube, Spotify.

But what stands her aside is of course her music – here is her last video, “Runaway” (from her EP “Dear Joey”).

Her next steps will see her touring the US and holding co-writing sessions in New York, Los Angeles and Nashville.

Her laser-like focus is confirmed by the answer she gave to our traditional question to artists: what does a life in music mean to you? To which Anna simply said: “Everything”.

Please do check Anna out at the following links:

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Photo credit: Jacob Milligan