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Life in Music’s dear friend Anna Pancaldi is at it again: making great music and charming the world with it! Today she released her brand new single, Keep on Keeping On. Please check it out with no further ado in all the known places:

‘Keep On Keeping On’ Music Video



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 We sat down with Anna and here is what she shared with Life in Music.

We last spoke on April 21 after your super successful EP release and concert. A lot has happened since then, can you tell us a bit about your summer?

It has been a very special and busy few months, years actually! haha. My second EP ‘Dear Joey,’ charted at #3 in the iTunes singer songwriter charts and as an unsigned artist that is really very overwhelming! I then went on to play to a sold out St Pancras Church in London and that is a moment I will never forget, what a feeling! I then toured in the US for the first time playing NYC, Nashville and LA. The shows were packed out and what a moment, I have never played there before so kept my expectations low, but that was just incredible. I sang on CBS LA live too! A dream!

Life in Music
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Wow Anna, impressive and so encouraging for the independent artists our there! Now onto the future – can you share some of your plans and next steps?

Today my brand new single is out!! It’s called ‘Keep on Keeping On’ with the full EP release for March 2017. I recently filmed the music video in Paris and really am very excited about sharing it with you all. I have never been so proud of something I have made and such a relief because I am my most ruthless self critic! I will be launching with a show on Oct 12th at the stunning St Leonards Church where I will be accompanied by strings, piano and backing vocalists for the first time, something I am unimaginably excited about! =) I’d love to see some of you there if you’re in town.

Our audience is mostly made of fellow musicians – could you share with them the three most important things you did right in the past few years in order to find yourself where you are now?

To work for everything. I really don’t expect anything to come to me and sometimes it does, but it’s imperative that we all carve our own way in any career and learn the steps to building and that’s by hard graft, sacrifice, investment and passion for what you do. For me there is no plan b, so I have to make this work. So when it comes to working for my success, I am unwavering with that. We all enter in it with different hopes, trajectories and dreams, but for me there is nothing else so I will make sure I have the career I need, not want, need. Sometimes it’s really hard, but I’m ok with that, it’s part of the graft like with anything that’s worth anything.

Thank you so much for your time Anna, this has been so inspiring! Best of luck from Life in Music!

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