What we do


We encourage artists as well as other music professionals to express their full potential by creating the right strategy, setting clear priorities and helping stay focused.


A broad range of services for music companies big and small, startups and established players: strategy development, business planning, business model innovation, project management and more.


We offer seminars aimed at music students and experienced professionals who want to dramatically expand their grasp of the business side of a music career. We also create tailor-made educational experiences.

Evolution = strategy + execution

Life in music provides different forms of business support to artists, managers, music execs and music students alike, offering a unique blend of rigour, creativity and a positive attitude. Our work is based on business model thinking, focusing on the whole picture with a strong emphasis on simplicity (I.E. We do cut through bs) and effective execution.

We analyse your situation, create a new future with you and help you make it come true.


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