Greg Spero smiling

I would like to share a deep and beautiful quote by the incredible pianist (and great friend of mine) Greg Spero. This is what he had to say when I asked him what he thought was needed for young musicians to thrive in today’s music industry.

“I think that whatever we do in this world to make our living and to feed our soul, the greatest hurdles we will face are not society around us or outside forces keeping us down; the strongest negative, and positive forces, all lie within. Many musicians complain about how low gigs pay, but they don’t practice to get better and more desirable for higher paying gigs. It’s important to take risks, create as much value as possible, make yourself as valuable as possible, and be willing to sacrifice now for delayed gratification. That is one of the best lessons that a successful musician can teach anyone in this world, because it is something that, if everyone lives by it, will help us create world peace. That is my mission.”

What a bold, inspiring, all-encompassing vision, isn’t it? I think any comment would be superfluous…

Greg and his music can be found here: