Life in Music is keeping itself quite active lately and in this post I want to share with you the positive vibes gathered in Belgrade, Serbia last month during a couple of seminars in which the local music community gathered to discuss the future of the music industry.

About one hundred people attended the two events, hosted by the friends of Impact Hub Belgrade, part of an international community at the forefront of social and technological innovation. Music matters, and the energy of the participants proved it once again.

The meetings were local, the meaning was global, if not universal.

These are the first fifteen minutes of my presentation on the first event. As I’m writing this we are editing the HD video that will be shared in the coming weeks and that covers the entire presentation (2 hours).

And this is the full 20 minute presentation that I called Music Industry (R)evolution in which I wanted to present the complete history and the present key trends that we see in the music ecosystem.

I want to personally thank once again all the attendants for showing up and for being super active during quite long and intense sessions.

Next time we’ll have to make more space for Q&A because 30 minutes were obviously not enough!

Please note that the presentation of the first event is available to all subscribers of our mailing list. And if you’re already subscribed and did not receive it, just let me know and I’ll personally and I’ll personally send you your copy. Otherwise, click here to leave us your email and get the free pdf.

Stay tuned for much more content coming in the following weeks!