We do not believe in “one-size-fits-all” solutions: only working one-to-one can deliver the maximum benefits, giving real help to musicians and music professionals in achieving visible progress in their careers and their lives.

 We mostly work with artists, of all ages and at all stages of career development. Singer-songwriters, solo musicians, bands, session players, composers… However you define your role in music, whichever your genre is, we’ve got you covered. We work with professionals, but advanced amateurs who want to consolidate and expand the reach of their passion can greatly benefit from what we do too.

Besides artists, we offer these services to managers, promoters, labels executives and key members of an artist’s team.

We devised two paths to help each client achieve tangible benefits.

CAREER DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY FOR MUSICIANS is a very thorough and well defined path that requires deep soul searching and delivers the highest possible level of customised actionable results so that you know exactly what to do and what to prioritise to turn your ideal future into a reality.

BUSINESS COACHING offers you a series of coaching sessions that you can use to regularly get bespoke guidance, assistance and answers to guarantee that your career and projects progress in the best way.


Define your identity, determine precise goals and create a clear action plan to make these goals tomorrow’s reality.

Life in Music

A super focused one-to-one coaching program developed to support musicians in possibly their most important business task: designing their own business model based on who they are, where they are at the moment and what they want to achieve.


  • A big picture strategy drilled down into actionable steps
  • Clarity, Motivation, Energy and Drive
  • Alignment of values, purpose and actions
  • Strong brand definition
  • Setting clear reachable goals
  • Identification of new income streams
  • Knowing what to do next and why
  • Using time in the best way
  • Improved decision-making

How it works

Career Development Strategy is a deep dive into your music and your life. It takes about 30 hours of hard work on each single client and consists of three extended sessions:

  1. Where you are (Your present business model) – We take a very close look at your story so far and today’s situation, going through at least nine different business dimensions that help us ensure that we don’t leave anything untouched.
  2. Your destination (Your target business model) – In this session you are encouraged and guided to depict a high-definition description of your music career 3-to-5 years from today. We will again use at least nine business dimensions to cover every relevant aspect of your target business model.
  3. How to get there (Your action plan) – We will present you with the plan prepared by us based on your input and we will go through it to make sure it’s crystal clear and to take into account your comments so that it 100% fits you.

Your Action Plan in detail

At the end of the coaching program you will receive a detailed document containing everything that was discussed and decided in the coaching sessions, including:

  • The description of the present situation of your music career in business terms;
  • The target music business model that you will work to achieve;
  • An analysis of the most important themes and goals that will get you from 1 to 2;
  • A detailed Action Plan divided into areas that will allow you to know every day what has to be done to make real progress;
  • A proposed list of Key Performance Indicators that will help you track actual progress.

How to apply

Given the extremely high level of time, attention and resources necessary to give the best output to our clients, acceptance of applications is subordinate to the availability of free time slots. Considering the detailed work carried out, only a very limited number of artists can be served per month so we warmly recommend you to apply as soon as possible.

The three live sessions last about 10h in total, then we need additional time (between 10 and 20 hours) to analyse the information and prepare the documents for our artists and share our findings with them. This is probably the single most serious step you can take to boost your career with the maximum benefit.



Recurring one-to-one sessions with our experts to tackle any needs related to your music career. For musicians and everyone else in the industry.

Life in Music

Our coaches will assist you in expressing your full potential through precise answers and ideas that will motivate you to overcome obstacles/standoffs and achieve your boldest goals.

This kind of personalised service is close to impossible to find these days, online and off, and if you do find it the prices are prohibitive. We organise our time and resources to meet different levels of needs:


One one-to-one coaching session of 60 minutes and unlimited consultations via video exchange for 30 days.



300 days with 10 coaching sessions of 60 minutes each and unlimited consultations via video exchange.



If you need shorter coaching sessions.

300 days with 10 coaching sessions of 30 minutes each and unlimited consultations via video exchange.



If your budget is constrained and/or you don’t need coaching sessions.

300 days of unlimited consultations via video exchange.