Life in Music - Fabio MartinelliWe are forming a young, skilled, creative, exciting, international team of people who have a passion for music, musicians and have the willingness to develop their skills in all directions.

We believe in hiring based on TWO criteria: CULTURAL FIT (see our Manifesto) and AMBITION TO GROW.

While we are based in Europe, we are forming a virtual team so all locations will be considered.

These are skills that are surely appreciated (but we will consider all applications so don’t be shy and let us hear from you, whatever you feel you can bring to the table):

  • Web development
  • Design
  • Online / Social Media Marketing
  • Content Creation / Editing

And we quite obviously value Music Business Knowledge & Experience, and above all a true passion for music.

If you think you fit please do get in touch, let’s have a conversation!