We live in an exceptional era for music.

After decades of what looked like world domination, disruptive technologies literally blew away the system that the industry relied on for so long. As a consequence, revenues from recorded music have more than halved in the last 15+ years and it is now harder than ever for artists to be noticed and emerge. The whole music ecosystem has been struggling to come up with a new business model that could replace the old one.

It is clear today that a growing number of business models are emerging from disruption in technology and consumer behaviour.

Anyone active in the music business should therefore equip themselves with new knowledge and tools to be able to navigate and win in this environment that is challenging as well as richer than ever of possibilities. Those who will do so will undoubtedly create a sizeable competitive advantage vs those who won’t.

What we do

Evolution = strategy + execution

We help our clients deepen their understanding of: themselves, their environment and the present opportunities. Together we define strategies and execution plans and project by project we contribute to the evolution of the industry into an exciting new phase.

We work with clients from all over the world as we conduct our activities both in person and online. We find it very enriching to be operating in both emerging markets and established countries as this led us to be active in areas such as Eastern Europe, Far East Asia, European Union (including UK), USA, Canada.